JSEG established in 1958, has a goal to facilitate the interchange among the researchers and professionals of engineering geology, to pursue the interdisciplinary and comprehensive research and technological development, and then to contribute to the development of science, technology, and culture. We celebrated the 50 year’s memorial in 2008 and our society has been authorized as a corporation in 2009 by the Japanese government. Now, the member is about 2000, which makes the society as one of the major academic societies in earth science in Japan. JSEG has developed in the field of engineering geology in accordance with the economic development of Japan; but the fields and the schemes of social requirement to the applied geology have widened to include environment, disaster mitigation, and geoinformatics. These changes are, from another aspect, due to the expansion of the expectation to the applied geology. Academic sectors surrounding JSEG has been also changing. The Science Council of Japan has established the document Japan Perspective, in which the committee of earth and planetary sciences declared the importance of natural disasters and professionals of earth science. This is closely related to the JSEG. Considering the background stated above, we, JSEG, set the near-future goal of our activity in the former half of the establishment statement: We make a platform for the interchange and learning of engineering geology among the members and set up the environment in which the members can perform research and practice with confidence and pride. This time, IAEG Japan National Group hosts 10th anniversary Asian Regional Conference, providing academic researchers, engineering geologists in the community of engineering geology with opportunities to present and share the state of the art views in this field. First Conference was held in Tokyo, 1997.10thConference will be held in Kyoto on 26th-27th September, 2015.

Welcome to Kyoto in 2015!

Professor Masahiro Chigira
Chair of the organizing committee

History of Asian Symposium
Dr. Daiei Inoue, past president of JSEG proposed this Symposium to develop and encourage the Engineering Geology in Asian Region. Main theme of this first time Symposium was Dam Geology.

Photo of field excursion in 1997.